An Open Letter to Senator Maureen Walsh

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twatwaffleDear Senator Walsh,

I am a Nurse.  This morning I was greeted by a  headline that read,

“Senator states that nurses ‘probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day’ in amending rest breaks bill”

Stunned by the headline, I read- and then re-read -the article.  I was dumbfounded that a legislator would make such an ignorant statement and thought that perhaps your words were taken out of context .  I took the time to locate and watch the video of your speech, given in front of the Washington State Senate.  I wanted to be sure that I understand fully what, exactly, you were trying to communicate.  You see, because I’m an responsible adult and a professional,  I believe that I need to have all of the facts before I weigh in on a subject.  As a nurse, I’m guided by the principle of do no harm.  Your words…

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“On Not Losing our Souls”

Being a Christian isn’t easy – it requires us to be better than our base natures. Kennan Jones demonstrated that and of course, Fred Craddock spoke of it eloquently. Thank you, Dr. Skinner, for this equally eloquent post.


Two Christians; Two Responses


Kennan Jones was savagely beaten by a gang of passengers on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail train a few weeks ago. When Kennan asked them to stop smoking pot on the train, they turned on him.  The beating eventually spilled out onto a train platform.  It was a brutal scene, and Kennan Jones is still recovering from his injuries.  But on Thursday afternoon, August 10th, accompanied by his lawyer, Kennan Jones held a news conference to say that he hopes that what happened to him will turn into some kind of redemption for his attackers, three of whom have now been arrested.  He says that he doesn’t want to see their lives ruined over this.  When asked what he would say to those who attacked him if they were sitting across from him, Kennan Jones said, “I would probably gather a bunch…

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Today the world really did go crazy

     You know, I’ve seriously been thinking about all the recent events in our world:  the political unrest in the Ukraine, the ISIS threat to the thousands in their path [and potentially the USA] and the beheading of an American Journalist, the Michael Brown shooting, the Texas woman with small children in her car that was pulled over [beige and red are often confused].  There are more but this is enough.  I’ve prayed and thought and then put all this out of my mind and have been a bit successful in dealing with the “horrificness” of actions that people have CHOSEN.  

      Today, I read of a nine year-old SHOOTING AN UZI submachine gun and killing the instructor.  A question followed the article, “Should a 9-year-old shoot an Uzi?”  I want to scream NO, IT IS NOT OKAY!  

     Well, enough of this rant.  I believe it’s more than important than ever to focus our minds. Philippians 4:8 lists things to think on;  whatever is:  true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable.  I’m not sure if medically this can be proven but I can’t help but believe thinking about good things make us happier.  Do we put our heads in the sand and pretend all the “bad stuff” doesn’t happen?  Absolutely not.  But at least, I’m trying to have a balance in what I think on.  Excuse me, I need to turn off the news, ENOUGH for today.


Forget to post

Well, as usual I get so “busy” that I’m unable to do the things  I should do, could do, ought to do, want to do and posting here is one of those things.  When I read back on my posts, I’m a bit encouraged by what I’ve written.  Things are so wonderful (except for the awful tragedies throughout the world, people I love dealing with loss, people I love having health issues, people I love having bad things happen) and I am so grateful to be where I am.  I have such a LONG way to go to be where I want to be (spiritually, physically, etc.) but I’m a lot further along than I was.  (BTW, is it “farther along” or “further along”?)  It’s stuff like that that makes me hesitant to post but I’ll do it anyway.  My imperfections (many) may be a bit encouraging to others.  (See, she goofs up all the time, maybe I’m not so bad, after all!)

It’s a beautiful day and I think I’ll head out to the gym.  I may even go in!


Day by day

It’s a time of “ordinary” time – except for a precious member passing away, new challenges financially (both good and bad), seeking God’s direction (always), sermon preparation (weekly), personal time for spiritual renewal (NECESSARY), and …

I know I’m not alone in this so I’m praying that each of us will take time to BREATHE – God truly has created us to be Human Beings and not Human Doings.  I know the things I stress about are usually not worth it.  I am so grateful for my Christian family who helps remind me to take care.  I am listening.  And I hope you are, too!


The Excitement Continues!!!

I’m getting ready for my 2nd Disciples Women’s Retreat!  Yep – this was one of the very first “happenings” when I first arrived at this awesome parish.  My head was spinning (where on earth was Ripley?) with so many “news”.  The women I met, both at FCC Parkersburg and others around the state, were awesome.  So much energy, so many opportunities for worship, so much fun and fellowship.  This really set me up for what would prove to be an exceptional year.  I have the privilege to serve in a setting where people are excited to be Christians and it shows!!!

I am excited to be able to participate in the Sunday service.  I look forward to seeing women I haven’t seen in a while.  I know this will be a blessed time and am praying for everyone who has had a part in this Retreat.

A hint on what I will be saying, “Just what do you think God wants for you?”  Show up Sunday and perhaps you just might get a clue.


…Till Next Time

Hey, I’m here!!!

This is my first blog and I’m excited to share some thoughts.  Namely, having fun is such a huge part of being a Christian.  I get a little tired of people so serious, so down in the mouth about what everyone is doing wrong, so hateful and then wondering why people are turned off of religion! We have the best time!  For example, our First Annual FCC’s Got Talent was Saturday, August 18.  We ate together (always fun) and then were entertained.  Some of our folks actually had serious talent!!!  And then some of us (moi) just had fun!  WE FELLOWSHIPPED!  Pretty close to worshipped together!  Sunday morning everyone was abuzz about how much fun the night before was.  If you’re not with a community of faith that likes to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, find one that does.  Jesus had a great sense of humor – and so do we!Image