Hey, I’m here!!!

This is my first blog and I’m excited to share some thoughts.  Namely, having fun is such a huge part of being a Christian.  I get a little tired of people so serious, so down in the mouth about what everyone is doing wrong, so hateful and then wondering why people are turned off of religion! We have the best time!  For example, our First Annual FCC’s Got Talent was Saturday, August 18.  We ate together (always fun) and then were entertained.  Some of our folks actually had serious talent!!!  And then some of us (moi) just had fun!  WE FELLOWSHIPPED!  Pretty close to worshipped together!  Sunday morning everyone was abuzz about how much fun the night before was.  If you’re not with a community of faith that likes to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, find one that does.  Jesus had a great sense of humor – and so do we!Image

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