Today the world really did go crazy

     You know, I’ve seriously been thinking about all the recent events in our world:  the political unrest in the Ukraine, the ISIS threat to the thousands in their path [and potentially the USA] and the beheading of an American Journalist, the Michael Brown shooting, the Texas woman with small children in her car that was pulled over [beige and red are often confused].  There are more but this is enough.  I’ve prayed and thought and then put all this out of my mind and have been a bit successful in dealing with the “horrificness” of actions that people have CHOSEN.  

      Today, I read of a nine year-old SHOOTING AN UZI submachine gun and killing the instructor.  A question followed the article, “Should a 9-year-old shoot an Uzi?”  I want to scream NO, IT IS NOT OKAY!  

     Well, enough of this rant.  I believe it’s more than important than ever to focus our minds. Philippians 4:8 lists things to think on;  whatever is:  true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable.  I’m not sure if medically this can be proven but I can’t help but believe thinking about good things make us happier.  Do we put our heads in the sand and pretend all the “bad stuff” doesn’t happen?  Absolutely not.  But at least, I’m trying to have a balance in what I think on.  Excuse me, I need to turn off the news, ENOUGH for today.